Report: Download the European Key-Facts 2022 and discover the Future of Video Games in Europe

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Considering a deep dive into the landscape of the European video game sector? the latest report of Video Games Europe and European Games Developer Federation (EGDF) provides a comprehensive view of the trends, statistics, and future trajectories. Before you delve into the details, here are some pivotal highlights:

  • 20 Years of PEGI: Mark two decades of the Pan-European Game Information age rating system, a pivotal tool aiding European parents in understanding video games.
  • Towards Greener Gaming: A dual approach—emphasizing environmental themes in-game narratives and advocating for sustainable hardware designs—underscores the industry’s climate commitments.
  • Diversity and Growth: A notable 12% increase in industry employment across Europe is spotlighted. More heartening is the rise in gender representation, with 23.7% being women—a promising increase from the previous year.
  • Emerging Challenges: The Swedish video game realm faces a looming talent shortfall, estimated at a deficit of 25,000 developers come 2031.
  • Educational Innovations: The “Games In Schools” initiative throws light on the game-changing potential of video games in pedagogical settings.

These insights merely scratch the surface. For an in-depth understanding of the European video game industry’s journey and what lies ahead..