Le Soir: Games.brussels wants to make Brussels a hub for video games.

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On August 3rd, the magazine “Le Soir” featured our coworking space as a beacon of innovation and collaboration unique in the Belgian video game industry.

The article provides a glimpse into our vibrant workspace, alive with the sounds of consoles, the intrigue of virtual reality headsets, and the shared enthusiasm of video game developers. Since its inauguration earlier this year, our coworking space has become home to 22 dedicated professionals, all driven by their passion for video game development.

“Le Soir” explores the origins and objectives of games.brussels, emphasizing our dedication to nurturing a robust video game community in Brussels. It highlights promising projects like the visually striking “30 Birds” by studio RamRam and an enigmatic venture by studio Tolima, which has garnered attention due to its collaboration with the renowned Don’t Nod.

The article also addresses challenges, especially in the realm of funding. The need for dedicated subsidies specific to video game development in Brussels is evident, and insights from Fabian Maingain, the Alderman for Economic Affairs, Employment, and Smart City of Brussels, highlight the significance of this support.

For an in-depth look at our journey and the exciting projects underway, we invite you to read the full article on Le Soir.