Industry Report 2021: Industry Continues to Thrive in 2021, Latest Report Reveals Impressive Growth

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The Belgian game industry has continued its upward trajectory in 2021, with the latest report showing significant growth in both turnover and employment. The sector now boasts 110 active companies, an increase of 26% from the previous year, and employs 935 people.

The Belgian game industry has been growing at an impressive rate, and the latest 2021 figures from the Belgian Games Industry report attest to this. The sector is gradually becoming a relevant player in the Belgian labor market, with most companies predicting that this upward trend will continue next year. With the upcoming expansion of the tax shelter, the future of the videogame sector in Belgium looks promising.

Belgian Game Startups Show Strong Growth Potential in Latest Report

The report indicates that the Belgian videogame sector had no less than 110 companies in 2021, an increase of 26% from 2020. These companies generated a turnover of €88 million and employed 935 people. The overall turnover in the industry went up by 8% compared to 2020, while the FTE count grew by 13% to 935 from 825 in the previous year.

The East Flanders province remains the province with the most game companies, but the game sector in Brussels grew significantly by 70%. The majority of Belgian videogame companies are still based in Flanders, with 69% of them located there. Both Wallonia and Brussels accounted for more companies than the previous year, with the latter experiencing the most vigorous growth. This can be attributed to the increase in videogame startups working on their first titles, which is starting to show in the market data.

PC Dominates as Most Profitable Platform for Belgian Game Developers

The report also indicates that the PC is the most profitable platform for local game studios, and entertainment games remain the largest category of developed games in Belgium.

Although it is great news that over half of the companies have lived past the 5 year mark, it is important to note that 84% of the companies still consist of a maximum of 10 people. This makes the industry still fragile, especially when one considers that the number of one (wo)man companies grew compared to 2020. However, this also shows that Belgium has a fertile breeding ground for videogame companies.

To recap

  • Compared to 2020, overall turnover went up 8% to €88 million
  • FTE count growing 13% to 935 up from 825 in 2020
  • East Flanders remains province with most game companies
  • Game sector in Brussels grows by 70%
  • PC is the most profitable platform for our local game studios
  • Entertainment games remain by far the largest category of developed games in Belgium

In conclusion, there is a lot to be excited about in the Belgian game industry, with an evolution that is hard to ignore. The sector is becoming increasingly relevant in the labor market, and there is more good stuff ahead.

Source: Flega