BX1: Brussels opens new hub dedicated to video game creator

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BX1, a local TV channel in Brussels, recently paid a visit to our coworking space, where they had the opportunity to interview Coline from Ram Ram Studio, Thomas Meynen presenting Please Touch the Artwork, and Sébastien Le Touze discussing the importance of coworking spaces for game developers in the center of Brussels.

30 Birds

Coline and her team at Ram Ram Studio have been hard at work developing their latest game, 30 Birds. The game is a poetic and colorful quest, inspired by Coline’s travels to Istanbul. The goal of the game is to regroup 30 birds in a Persian-inspired world. The team at Ram Ram Studio has been working on the game for several years, and they have received both public and private funding to bring their vision to life.

Please Touch The Artwrok

Thomas Meynen, another member of our coworking space, has also been busy developing his latest game, Please Touch the Artwork. The game allows players to virtually touch works of art by observing them. He has taken existing paintings by Mondrian and transformed them into puzzles for players to solve. The game is a relaxing and engaging way for people to unwind and enjoy art in a new way.

Games.Brussels Space

Sébastien Le Touze, the co-founder of the coworking space, spoke about the importance of such a space for game developers in Brussels. he noted that coworking spaces offer an affordable and collaborative environment for game developers to work in. In addition to providing a space to work, the coworking space also allows for collaboration and networking opportunities with other game developers and professionals in the industry.

“Brussels has historically been expensive for studios to set up, making it difficult for independent game developers to thrive. However, with the establishment of coworking spaces like ours, game developers now have a more accessible and cost-effective option for setting up shop in the city center.” said Sébastien Le Touze.

Source: https://bx1.be/categories/news/un-nouveau-hub-pour-les-createurs-de-jeux-video-a-bruxelles-collaborer-pour-partager-les-connaissances