Brussels Launches First Space Dedicated to Video Game Creators to Boost Industry Growth

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The City of Brussels has recently inaugurated the Space, the first ever dedicated space for video game creators in the city. The goal is to support the growth of the video game industry and promote local talents, positioning Brussels as an ideal hub for international expansion.

Located at the Dansaert business center, the Space aims to become a preferred destination for the rising industry. The City of Brussels has responded to the needs of the sector by providing financial support and a space that fosters collaboration and creativity. In the long term, the project will also include training opportunities, boosting employment prospects for the city.

Since its opening in February, the space has already exceeded its annual targets, with more than 21 co-workers and the creation of new jobs. The collaborative atmosphere of the Space has proven particularly fruitful, allowing businesses to work together and stimulate creativity.

Fabian Maingain, alderman of Economic Affairs, Employment, Smart City, and Administrative Simplification at the City of Brussels, expressed his excitement for the project. He sees the Space as a culmination of his responsibilities, representing an opportunity to support an exciting sector with multifaceted benefits for social, economic, and cultural development. He believes that Brussels has all the ingredients to become the video game capital of Belgium, citing the immense success of the Space as evidence.

Overall, the Space serves as a stepping stone towards developing a thriving video game industry in Brussels. It provides a dedicated space for collaboration and innovation, as well as job opportunities and training programs, creating a virtuous circle for growth and development.