BelgianGames Annual Survey 2023 – Your Participation Matters

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It’s that time of the year again, where we aim to capture the heartbeat of our thriving Belgian game development ecosystem. FLEGA, WALGA, and have teamed up to organize our annual survey that looks back at 2022. This survey provides us a comprehensive understanding of the state of play in our local industry, and your input is crucial in painting this picture.

This is for all Flemish, Brussels, and Walloon video game companies and organizations active in our local game development ecosystem. This includes game development studios, local publishers and platforms, portals, service providers, educational institutions that offer dedicated game degree programs and research departments that study games. Your participation will help shed light on the state of play of our local game industry.

WARNING: If you are active as a freelancer or involved in esports, distribution, retail, media, government, or non-development related services (e.g., advertising, PR, marketing, influencers, streamers, legal firms, HR agencies…), this survey is NOT meant for you.

Who should participate?

We’re looking for insights from the top. The nature of the questions requires a CEO, founder, or other management level individual to fill out. Yes, we need figures, a lot of figures. The more accurate the data, the better we can understand and serve our game development community.

We understand that filling out this survey is an investment of your time. However, your contribution is invaluable in understanding where we’re heading as a sector. The insights gathered will not only guide us but will also inform policy makers and stakeholders in their decisions about our ecosystem.

What about my privacy?

We value your privacy. Rest assured that any personal or company-related information you provide will be treated confidentially and will only be used for collecting and processing general sector data.

When will the results be available?

We are set to communicate the results of this survey anonymously on a sector level by the end of August, usually at Gamescom.

You can check the reusults of last year survey here

We will also share the results anonymously with partner organizations that support us in our mission to grow the local game development ecosystem.

Your input is vital for the growth and success of our industry. We hope to gain valuable insights from your experiences and use this knowledge to further support our community.

Thank you in advance for your valued cooperation! Let’s continue to make our game development ecosystem thrive.