Report: Playing for the Planet 2022

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The Playing for the Planet Alliance’s 2022 Annual Impact Report highlights the strong progress made by game studios towards decarbonization. The initiative, facilitated by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), includes major studios like Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Supercell, Ubisoft, and Unity, with six more studios joining in 2022.

One exciting initiative was the Green Game Jam, which included a survey of nearly 400,000 gamers showing a real demand for green content in games. The ambition for 2023 is to provide new guidance for the industry to align with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and create new tools to reduce carbon emissions. The 2023 edition of the Green Game Jam will focus on restoring three critical species’ ecosystems.

The Playing for the Planet Alliance focuses on promoting collective action across the games industry, providing scientific support and inspiration to its members, who can lead the way in games and across entertainment and technology.

Overall, the report should serve as an inspiration to all game development studios to take steps towards sustainability and decarbonization. It’s an opportunity to celebrate progress made and work towards a more sustainable future for the games industry.