2022-23 Brochure.

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, , , is excited to announce the release of the Games Made in Brussels brochure for 2022-2023, featuring some of the best video games made by local game studios in the Brussels-Capital Region.

This year’s brochure is packed with thrilling games and fantastic studios, all created by passionate game developers. Featuring a diverse range of games from a variety of studios, our brochure has everything from cozy puzzlers to cute platformers, adventure games with gorgeous visuals, and more.

Take a look at our selection of games from notable studios like The Pack Studio, Exiin Studio, and FrostyFroggs Games, and be sure to check out Panoptic, the immersive VR game by Team Panoptic, and the hardcore platformer, sU. And don’t miss out on the charming Baby Dino Adventures or the cozy puzzler Please Touch the Artwork.

Download the brochure now to discover all the amazing games made in Brussels and be sure to share it with your friends!

We want to thank our partners from VAF and for their support in helping us promote and grow the video game industry in the Brussels-Capital Region.