Brotaru #87

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Join us again for the first Brotaru of the year 2024 on 15 January 2024 at Café Maison du Peuple! This monthly rendezvous seamlessly intertwines two of Belgium’s cherished passions, indie games and beer.

Brotaru serves as a dynamic platform, enabling direct connections between developers, students or curious people. In this intimate setting, constructive feedback flows freely, nurturing an environment of continuous improvement and innovation. The event is more than a showcase; it’s a community builder.

With its monthly showcases, Brotaru fosters meaningful connections between developers and attendees. This ongoing interaction forms a robust support network, fortifying the foundations of the local indie gaming scene.

In essence, Brotaru is an ode to Brussels’ indie game developers, a testament to their creativity and resilience. For those in search of a distinctive blend of game ingenuity and social bonds, Brotaru beckons as an essential monthly gathering of Brussels. Mark your calendars for this unmissable celebration on 15 January 2024!

What is Brotaru?

BROTARU, a monthly Meet-up for Game Developers in Brussels, has been a vital pillar of the Belgian video game creator community since its creation in 2014. At these events, creators can connect and socialize over drinks, and explore new games in developement.