Brotaru #86

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Join us on 4 December 2023 for a new Brotaru at ISIB !

In Brussels, a monthly event is making waves by bringing together two beloved Belgian passions – indie games and beer. Brotaru, a fusion of creativity and camaraderie, serves as a platform for local indie game developers to showcase their latest projects while offering attendees a taste of Belgium’s and even Brussels beers.

Brotaru puts the spotlight on Brussels and Belgium’s indie game scene, allowing developers to connect directly with players. This intimate setting encourages valuable feedback, fostering an environment of constant improvement.

Brotaru isn’t just an event; it’s a community-building initiative. With monthly showcases, developers and attendees forge connections, creating a supportive network that strengthens the local indie gaming scene.

In conclusion, Brotaru is a celebration of Brussels’ indie game developers. For those seeking a unique blend of gaming innovation and social connections, Brotaru stands as a must-attend monthly rendezvous in the heart of Brussels.

What is Brotaru?

BROTARU, a monthly Meet-up for Game Developers in Brussels, has been a vital pillar of the Belgian video game creator community since its creation in 2014. At these events, creators can connect and socialize over drinks, and explore new games in developement.