Flanders Game Hub: Ignite the spark for your game made-in-Brussels

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The Flanders Game Hub (FGH) has announced the launch of its inaugural incubation programs, SPARK and IGNITE. This is a unique opportunity for Flemish companies based in Brussels to accelerate their game development journey.

FGH aims to nurture talented game development studios within the Flemish community by providing industry-specific coaching, guidance, and potential funding.

SPARK Program*: Kickstart Your Game Dev Journey

Are you an ambitious game creator at the beginning of your journey? The SPARK program is a year-long journey through critical production and business modules. With the support of FGH’s industry professionals, you’ll be guided towards a compelling vertical slice and pitch readiness. Moreover, FGH covers 100% of the expert costs.

🔥IGNITE Program*: Take Your Studio to the Next Level

For more mature studios that have been operating for less than five years and have at least one released game, the IGNITE program offers additional technical and business expertise. FGH backs up to 50% of expert costs, focusing on refining your studio’s workflows to professional standards.

*Eligibility for both programs is aimed at Flemish companies based in Flanders or Brussels, among other criteria. The application deadline is September 4th, 2023.